• Boating & Pool Services

  • In addition to the huge selection of products available in store or by request, we also provide a variety of related services.

  • For Hire
  • For Hire

  • Crimping Tool Hire

    Please Enquire.

  • Pool-Related Hire

      Full Day Half Day
    Zodiac CX 35 Pool Cleaner $40 $25
    Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner $25 $16
    Submersible Pool Pumps $25 $16


  • Pool Services
  • Pool & Spa Services

  • Pool Water Testing

    We offer FREE water testing for most types of pools. Same day testing is available and we will provide a comprehensive report detailing what is required to balance your pool.

  • Pump Servicing

    If your pool or water pump isn't working properly we can come out to your property, provide a temporary pump and service or repair your pump. We can also replace the sand in your filter if needed.